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Photo courtesy of Phil Atwater
Mile High Region, Model A Restorers Club
Mile Hi Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America
Model A Ford Club of Colorado
Enjoying Our Model As Together Since 1959
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     4 Pinochle - Grabianowskis'

     6 Jeanne Cowan Big Heart Valentine Tour 

   6-7 Tri-State Swap Meet

   12 Board Meeting - Heath

   13 2016 Convention Steering

        Committee/Chairperson Meeting

   17 Just Lunch Bunch

   19 General Meeting

   20 Car Judging Practice/Lunch - Heaths'

   20 Ladies Bling - Heaths'

   21 2016 MAFCA Convention
        Meeting with Club Members

Frank and Doris Elliott
Lou and Jim Huff
Joanne Saliger and Friend
Linda and Vern Sybesma
Kim and Matt Ursetta
Jeanne Cowan Big Heart Valentine Tour
This is one of our not-to-be-broken club traditions; and in spite of cold and snow, there was a good turnout for Tour Chairman Gary Heath's first big driving event of the year...