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Photo courtesy of Phil Atwater
Mile High Region, Model A Restorers Club
Mile Hi Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America
Model A Ford Club of Colorado
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Enjoying Our Model As Together Since 1959
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   18 Just Lunch Bunch Tocabe

   20 General Meeting


     6 Family Christmas Party

   11 Board Meeting

   12 Wreaths Across America - Ft. Logan

   18 General Meeting

   20 Christmas Lights Tour

   26 Lariat Trail Tour 

We honor those who served at
Denver's Veterans' Day Parade
Photo by Mike Smith.
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Crafty Club Ladies are getting a jump on MAFCA 2016 national meet. Some fun little favors are in the making!
Photos by Dianna Binkley.
As the year winds down, drivers brush up on technique at Maintenance Day. The Heath House and Barn was the site of yet another productive and totally entertaining day. Drivers got valuable Model A maintenance info from Fred Binkley and crew, while the ladies got started on some goodies for the High Country/MAFCA 2016 National Meet.
Photos by Gary Heath and Mike Smith.