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Photo courtesy of Phil Atwater
Mile High Region, Model A Restorers Club
Mile Hi Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America
Model A Ford Club of Colorado
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     3 Pinochle at Thomasons

     5 Engine Building Seminar

     7 Louisville Parade

   11 Board Meeting - McNeills'

   12 Arvada Harvest Festival Parade

   12 Pie & Horseshoes

   12 Colfax Cruise

   16 Just Lunch Bunch - The Rock Yard

   18 General Meeting

   18 Lakewood High Homecoming

   19 Engine Building Seminar

   24 Old Guys Lunch

   26 Colorado Freedom Memorial with Rick Crandall

   27 Park Hill Home Tour/Car Show/Street Fair


Enjoying Our Model As Together Since 1959
MAFCC Model A's Attend PGA Tour:
Planes, Games and Automobiles! A catered soiree at a private hangar at Centennial Airport provided an awesome setting for this first-ever, fabulous event brought to us by Vern and Linda Sybesma. Thanks for the photo, Mike Smith.
Stills in the Hills - 2015
Thanks to Joanne Saliger for once again arranging this fun trip "up the hill."
Photo by Mike Smith
Friends and Fords at The Fort
Fort Logan invited us to its Officers' Quarters for an ice cream social to celebrate the building's 126th birthday. It was pleasant to pass some time with our friends from various other local Ford clubs.
Photos by Dick Przywitowski 
Wheatridge Carnation Festival Parade
This centrally-located community celebration is a club favorite. Photo stolen from Dianna Binkley's Facebook page.
Just Lunch Bunch Heads to Antigua
Another great culinary get-together, this time at the Antigua Mayan Grill in Watkins, Colo. Leave it to the McNeills to surprise us again! Photo from Mike Smith.
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