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Photo courtesy of Phil Atwater
Mile High Region, Model A Restorers Club
Mile Hi Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America
Model A Ford Club of Colorado
Enjoying Our Model A's Together Since 1959
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No Joke - the Model A Ford Club of Colorado Tours Year-Round, at High Altitude, to Snowy Sites
Thirty-plus adventurous drivers and passengers in 13 Model A's answered the challenge and showed up for Gary Heath's April Fool's Tour. The route included Mother Cabrini's Shrine, Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill's grave. And the best was a balmy day! Thanks to Gary for the photos.
The Gang's all here!
Cliff's Phabulous 1928 Phaeton
Gary's Perky 1930 Pickup
Larry's Terrific 1929 Tudor


     5 Pinochle

     7 Driveway Bowling - McNeill

   10 Clear Creek Care Center Visit

   13 Board Meeting - Easter

   15 Hubley Dry Run

   18 Just Lunch Bunch

   20 General Meeting

   21-22 Terry Bison Ranch &

       Masonville Loop Tour

   30 Memorial Day Parade




Just when we thought there was no other way to compete...
for the first time, we judged COOKIES! Not only does our club have the best meeting refreshments around, our food is also entertaining!