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Current Events
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Mile High Region, Model A Restorers Club
Mile Hi Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America
Model A Ford Club of Colorado
Photo courtesy of Alan W. Cole, Fort Lupton, Colo.
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   31 Silent Movies - Rialto Theater in Loveland


    1 No-So-Retro Party

    1 CB Tune-up Seminar

    6 Pinochle - Saliger's
    8 Denver Veterans Day Parade

  13 Western Art Museum
  14 Board Meeting - Beers
  15 Railroad/Quilt Museum Tours
  19 Just Lunch Bunch - Poppie's
  21 General Meeting
CB Radio Tune-Up Seminar
If you tour, you need this one!
Phil Atwater will hold an open forum radio seminar at his house on November 1, from 1 to 4 pm. Bring your Model A and CB radio equipment for a system operational checkout and adjustment from microphone to antenna. Check your Quail newsletter for directions to the Atwater residence, or email the webmaster at
Seminar Season has arrived
As temperatures dip and we start making our winter maintenance "to-do list," our senior mechanics are ready and willing to share their expertise. Jay Svanda recently hosted the season's first get-together. For info on club seminars, contact Ted Ackerman or Frank Elliott via
This month's Hard Luck trophy goes to Cliff Hasenbalg, who had a little run-in with a semi on I-25. But we renamed the award the "Thank Heavens" trophy, because injuries to Cliff and his '29 pickup could have been much, much worse!

Show your appreciation:

Be in the Veteran's Day Parade on November 8

We will stage for the parade on Cherokee St. between 13th & 14th Streets, facing north.  We can begin staging at 8:00 AM (I will be there by 8:30), and the parade will move out at 10:00 AM.  We will be in the third series, which means we probably won’t move until 10:15 to 10:30.  Our exact marching order number is not yet known but I will have it after the 27th. If you have questions, please call me at 303-935-5625 (home) or 303-424-6613 (cell) and I will give you all the info I have.

     PLEASE carry an American flag on your car and if you can, wear your service uniform hat ("cover" for you Marines!).

Fred Binkley

Parade Chairman

Doris: Most likely to be
found clowning around
Steampunk Pres Jay and VP/Secret Agent Easter
Carol Houp and Rick C'debaca: Hands-down favorite
Further proof that Model Aers are just big kids...
Contest chairman Mareea Pautler inspired us to come in costume to the October meeting. One of the best meetings we've had all year! (See photos below)
Tombstone Taxi Service Draws a Record Crowd
Local historian Tom Noel and coordinator Gary Heath were delighted with a turnout of more than 90 Colorado Historical Society members. A record number of Model Aers came to transport tombstone tour guests around Denver's historic Fairmount Cemetery. It is rumored that riding in the cars was a greater attraction than the opportunity to explore a historic site!